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Today i got a Flashpan in the mail, thanks Doug (Flashpan) whenever I see new gidgets and gadgets being sold on the internet I am somewhat skeptical as to the quality specially small items like this thing.

I got to say when I opened it up I was pretty impressed it looks like pretty good quality its damn small and wont take up much room in a quad trunk and it ties up into a nice little package with everything you need to cook up something I haven’t figured out what to try cooking in it but tonight I’m making supper just to see how well it works.

It got hot within 2 minutes at least as the sausages were sizzling as soon as i threw them on cooks pretty evenly and with the non stick surface it cleans up really well. It packs up small and all you really have to do is put the handle on it. I used 2 tablets for the sausages and they lasted a good 15 minutes.

I do know a couple of guys that will really enjoy this thing for a birthday gift as they do a lot of weekend hunting trips into the hills.

Steve S

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